Federal government’s population distribution plan 연방정부의 인구분산정책

If the visa reform promised by the Coalition Government is implemented, new skilled migrants would be required to live in smaller States or regional areas of bigger States for 5 years before they can move into the big cities.

Overseas immigration has been a major contributing factor to the overall population growth in Australia. Net overseas immigration accounts for about 60% of overall population growth in the last 10 years.  The Vast majority of new migrants settle in the capital cities of the Eastern States for a variety of reasons including job opportunities. In the case of Melbourne and Sydney, new migrants account for 75% of the population growth.

The influx of new migrants creates infrastructural problems such as traffic congestion, shortage of housing, pollution etc. Aware that these problems are a result of uneven migrant distribution, Labour and Coalition governments have suggested population distribution plans and policies at some stage when they are in power. Now the Coalition government is revisiting their policy and has promised to reform visa programs.

The question is which visas will come under the reform?  Migrants on 186 ENS visa will not be affected as they are granted a visa to be able to work for their employer. 189 Skilled Independent visa and 190 State Nominated visa appear to be a reasonable target. Yet to see


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