If you can answer “YES” to all of the following questions, we can help you achieve your goal to immigrate to Australia.
  If your answer is “Yes” to all the questions except the last one and your occupation is one that is in high demand in Australia, we may be able to assist you to find a job in Australia.

Department of Home Affairs updates from time to time a list of the occupation in demand in Australia. Click here to find if your occupation is in the current list.
Required qualification includes degree, diploma or trade certificate relevant to your occupation, and license or registration if required for the occupation.

Competent English

If you achieved the required minimum test scores in any of the below specified English language tests in the last 3 years, you have Competent English.
Minimum scores IELTS TOEFL-iBT PTE Academic CAE OET
Listening 6.0 12 50 169 B
Reading 6.0 13 50 169 B
Writing 6.0 21 50 169 B
Speaking 6.0 18 50 169 B
You do not need to prove your Competent English language ability if you hold a valid passport of the UK, the US, NZ, the Republic of Ireland or Canada and you are a citizen of that country. For more information about Competent English, see here
Australian employer must meet the regulatory requirements to be able to successfully nominate foreign workers for employment. The main requirements are that:
  • The employer lawfully and actively operates a business in Australia
  • The employer has a genuine need to fill a skilled position in their business and the position cannot be filled locally by an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • The employer offers employment for a minimum of 2 years on a full time basis to the nominated foreign worker.
  • The employer pays a market salary rate and above the TSMIT to the nominated foreign worker
  • The terms and conditions of employment are no less favourable than those applicable to a local employee performing the same or similar tasks as the nominated person at the same workplace.
  • The employer complies with Australian immigration and relevant workplace relations laws.
For more information about the nomination requirements, See 186 and 187 visa.


저는 4년제 선박 기관관련 학과를 졸업하고 18년 넘게 국내외에서 해기사 또는 mechanical service engineer로 일하다가 금년 6월..Read more


Diesel Technician
본인의 취업과 영주권 취득을 도와 준 Migration and Visa Consulting (MVC) 에 감사합니다 Read more


자동차 판금
본인은 자동차 정비사로 현재 호주 멜번에 있는 토요타 대리점에서 근무하고 있습니다 Read more


자동차 정비사
호주 이민을 생각하는 분들에게 혹시 도움이 될까 하여 이 추천서를 씁니다 Read more


토목 기사
저는 멜번시내 Lygon street에 있는 xxxxxx 레스토랑에서 Chef로 일하고 있는 정명진입니다 Read more


저는 호주 퀸스랜드에 있는 제조업체에 취업을 했고 또한 그것을 근거로 최근에 호주 영주권을 취득하 Read more


2013년 3월 처음으로 강송인 대표님께 문의 이메일을 보낸 이후로 오늘 드디어 영주권을 받기까지 쉼없이 달려 왔습니다 Read more


MVC 한마디로 최고입니다 Read more


자동차 정비사
대표님, 영주권 나왔다는 이메일을 받고 너무 기뻐서 가족들과 얼싸안고 한참을 울었습니다 Read more


저는 MVC의 도움으로 2017년 8월에 호주영주권을 받았습니다 Read more


IT 네트웍스 보안전문가
希望申请澳洲移民的朋友们,很荣幸和大家分享我的成功经历,也非常高兴向各位推荐我的移民代理律师Mr. Song Kang Read more

Wang Lei

IT software engineer
大家好: 非常高兴能在这里向大家推荐我的移民顾问 Song Kang. Read more

Meng Tao

motor mechanic
敬启者: 我于2014年3月底与姜律师面谈澳大利亚移民事宜. Read more

Gao Jie

Sales representative- industrial products
敬启者:我于2014年10月左右与姜律师接触,开始办理移民事宜。通过姜律师的帮助,最终在 ..Read more


Web dedevelpoper
Dear Mr Kang Thank you very much for this happy news. Read more

Alex Chen

Telecommunications engineer